Sock It To Eating Disorders

Sock It To Eating Disorders Day is on the 27th February this year, on the Friday of Eating Disorders Awareness Week (23rd February-1st March) and this year I will be taking part by climbing a mountain with my best friend, Julie. You can find out more about this at . I will also be using the hashtag #climbED to document our journey, tell the world that eating disorders can be beaten and to fight the stigma that surrounds this mental illness. I hope that many others will get involved with this hashtag. I will also be blogging an eating disorder related post along with a silly socks photo every day of Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Why Sock It To Eating Disorders?

This campaign has been running since 2013. In 2010 campaigner Kitty Weston was at an eating disorders conference in Austria. Kitty’s daughter Anna had died from anorexia nervosa 10 years previous. Moments before Kitty took to the stage to address 900 delegates she heard that another dear friend in the USA had just lost her daughter too. Kitty was distraught and Australian advocate June Alexander reached into her pocket and pulled out a sock. Kitty took the sock, wiped her eyes and with the sock clenched in her hand she took to the stage and gave the speech of her life. Kitty got a standing ovation and sock it to eating disorders was born.

B-eat are the UK’s leading charity for eating disorders and they aim to campaign for better services and treatments, to challenge the stigma that people with eating disorders face and to change the way that people think about eating disorders. B-eat also provides helplines, peer and support groups and online support.

To find out more about our mountain climb and to donate please visit: