One Week To Go

A week today I will be on my way to cygnet in Coventry to begin my recovery journey. I’m feeling super nervous about going and my illness is trying to convince me I’m too fat to go there. I’m full of urges to end my life and/or abscond. I really don’t want to go.

I don’t know a huge deal about where I’m going, I don’t know whether I’ll be allowed my phone or iPad or be able to go on the internet so I may not be able to continue blogging.

So here goes, let the countdown begin.


6 thoughts on “One Week To Go

  1. Hi Claire.
    Is there no one who can find out some basic information for you, such as whether you’ll be allowed your iPad? It doesn’t seem much to ask, to be allowed to have some basic information about what will happen, it could really help to ease the transition for you.
    Wishing you the very best. x

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  2. I’m sure someone should be able to ring and ask them about electronic equipment, contraband items etc? If nothing with a camera is allowed might be worth getting a cheap, basic mobile?


  3. Hi Claire – I just found your Instagram and blog. I’ve been through a lot with the psychiatric system in Australia and have anorexia.
    I’m 37 now and have missed out on 30 years of good normal life thanks to my ED & everything else.
    Keep fighting.
    Get someone to get the info. You need for where you are going- it’s normal for them to tell people what to bring/ what not to.
    If you can’t blog – journal – then type it up when you can
    Keep trying. Trust me , you want your life and it is worth eating for.
    When you start recovery you will feel awful. This is normal. Don’t give up.
    You seem very very sweet & you deserve a good life full of happy. Please don’t give it up to be thin.
    I swear its not worth it try following sundaes for the soul.
    Many hugs from Melbourne


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