The Biggest Lie: School Day Are The Best Days Of Your Life

It’s something I hear all the time, “School days are the best days of your life” and I can’t help but think that is the biggest lie I have ever heard. I can think of little worse than having to go to a place everyday learning about things that don’t interest you whilst being crammed in a room full of people who are only similar to you in age.

For me school days were not the best days of my life at all, far from it in fact. I was bullied, bitched about, I spent my break times in the toilets self harming or purging. I threw my lunch in the bin everyday. I faked ill to stay home. I hated everything about school. I hated that I was practically forced to see the school counsellor, a much older man that I just didn’t click with. No, school days were not the best days of my life.

The best days of my life were sitting in a hot tub with my friends and family giggling and drinking Pepsi max out of milk bottles with paper straws, the day I went on BBC Breakfast, the moments in my ballet classes when I don’t care about my reflection in the mirror staring back at me. Whilst I’m in a dark place now I have had some of the best days of my life and these have all been since I left school. I can promise you this: if you hate school and think these are meant to be the best days of your life, they are not. Your best days are yet to come and I promise you that they will come. School days being the best days of your life is one of the biggest lies I have ever heard. Don’t fall into the trap of believing it’s true.


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Lie: School Day Are The Best Days Of Your Life

  1. I totally agree with you on this one. I have heard it too one time, which I heard repeatedly. I always replied back that school was not the best day of my life, to be told that when I do leave school, I will find I will miss it. No. I do not miss school at all.
    Like you I have experienced bullying. The first bullying started in the final year of junior school, just being singled out. No one wanted to pick me for games. I only had a friend or two at school. One friend I only seen 6 months of the year as the other 6 months was at another school each year, not local. So I was then on my own.

    When I reached comprehensive, from day one I was singled out. Everyone had someone else to sit with. I sat on my own. No one wanted me in the classroom. At break times, I could only count friends on one hand and it was less than 5. I felt more comfortable talking to the dinner ladies.

    I did not mind some subjects at school, but because I wasn’t wanted and felt alone at school, I could not wait to get home, to be in my own world.

    There was a couple of physical bullying. But I was lucky this was not serious and they gave up because I was not going to push back. But I did have the name calling nearly every day. I really do not know how I survived school.

    My dad dies when I was in my teens and after some time off school, when i did go back, that’s when people started to be nice. I so wanted to scream and shout and say why now be nice to me in the final year of school after all the crap you gave me in the past. But like before, I kept myself to myself and kept quiet. I only spoke to those very small handful of friends.


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