Making Hospital Birthday Plans

In 16 days I will be spending yet another Birthday in hospital. I hate to think of all the Christmases, Easters, Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, Bank Holidays and so on that I have spent stuck in one hospital or another.

I nearly didn’t make this Birthday because anorexia almost killed me so this year it’s definitely a mile stone to celebrate. I was hoping that they would give me some leave so that I could go out on my Birthday and I fully expected that to be in a wheelchair and with staff as well as my parents but now it’s looking unlikely, it’s not a definite ‘no’ but it’s leaning closer to a ‘no’ than a ‘yes’. I will still be being tube fed and definitely won’t be in a place mentally where I can eat a slice of my own birthday cake but I still want to have a special day.

So now I’m making plans to make this Birthday special and I’ve reached out to other people for their ideas. So far I think I’m going to ask people to visit me like family and friends. Mum and Dad will be allowed to be here all day and we can play board games and chat and watch stuff on Netflix. I might have a Birthday cake and share it around the ward. A decorated room and balloons are an idea too. I’ve ordered a ‘Birthday outfit’, some little corduroy shorts and a baseball style top with my Disney vans. I’ll paint my nails special and have my hair styled by one of the nurses.

I hate the prospect of spending another Birthday in hospital but I am determined to make it special. I would welcome any other ideas my readers can come up with.


3 thoughts on “Making Hospital Birthday Plans

  1. I think what you have planned, sounds very good. You are making the most of it. Painting your nails and having your hair styled will be nice too.


  2. Happy birthday Claire! I just found your blog today… looks like it was incredibly lucky timing! Just looking through some of the comments on your other posts it really seems that there’s a community of people around you who care for you and are cheering for you.

    You can add me to that list!

    I hope you have (or had, depending on when you read this) a very very happy birthday. Thank you for the inspiration you give to women and men everywhere, you’re a blessing to this earth.


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