Making a Complaint

The complaint process is something I am currently going through and it has not been an easy ride. I was unsure of whether to complain at all because I didn’t want the hassle on top of everything else and neither did I want to make it awkward between me and the staff member I was making the complaint about. Then I realised that actually I matter and this matters. It’s important that the issue is raised and the staff member is educated otherwise her comments could haunt me for years to come. You are entitled to, and have a right to complain about the care you are given. If you would like to make a complaint about the care you have received then contact the service and ask for their complaints procedure.

4 thoughts on “Making a Complaint

  1. So sorry to hear you have to complain about someone, but if something is not right, then you do need to. Making the complaint does not affect your quality of care, which I know is something you can easily worry about. So hope it all gets sorted in the proper way.


  2. I had need to complain a couple of years ago about someone who didn’t deal with a crisis situation appropriately which resulted in me needing an ambulance to A&E. I was terrified of complaining, like you, thinking there might be backlash through my care but it was dealt with very professionally, they had a couple of meetings with me to fully hear what I had to say and the outcome was they not only gave further training to the person involved but they changed the local crisis support line to be more intuitive and accessible. Complaining can be great for you, it gives you a voice but it is also a way for you to inadvertently help others.


  3. It is true that you are worth making the complaint should you feel you need to. However, I have realised the hard way and been advised by a HCP that sometimes making complaints can negatively affect future treatment should you need it from said service. For example, I complained about my local HTT and now they always reject my referrals despite multiple challenges. Also, last year I felt like I needed to complain about my treatment at my local unit – but was advised by a HCP and based on their reactions to me trying to obtain my notes to do so that it might not be wise incase I get admitted there in the future and it affects my care.

    Seeing as it is my locality ward I held back from making my complaint.

    I think there is more to take into account when considering going through the complaints procedure – even if what has happened is “wrong” and the response is “wrong” the hassle can far outweigh the benefits, especially when having to live your own daily MH battles.

    I wish you the best of luck with your complaint procedure and hope you get the outcome you are after. I just thought I would put my experience forward.


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