No, I Don’t Want To Hear About Your Diet

Something I have discovered in all my years of anorexia is that the moment people know they somehow think its appropriate to talk about dieting, weight loss and going to the gym. Let me tell you this…I don’t want to hear it and I’m sure anyone else suffering from an eating disorder doesn’t want to hear it.

How is it helpful to discuss which foods are sinful, to talk about grapes being ‘fatty’ at slimming world whilst they are marked as the healthy option on the hospital menu. How do you think this conflicting information is going to help someone already living in a world of confusion? Anorexia is enough, I don’t need other people to tell me about foods being bad or fatty or sinful. I don’t need to be told that people eat junk and that’s why they get fat.

I’m struggling enough with anorexia alone. Yes, I have an eating disorder, yes I am obsessed with food, yes I think about weight and shape all the time but that doesn’t give you an invitation to join in with my illness. The number of staff that sit with me on my 2:1 observations and discuss their diets, weight loss, gym regimes and opinions on food you would not believe. I’ve even had someone ask me for tips on weight loss. It’s just not appropriate and it needs to stop.

3 thoughts on “No, I Don’t Want To Hear About Your Diet

  1. Can you raise it with appropriate management. Totally unacceptable, should be common sense , but obviously isn’t so each and every member of staff needs to be told not to do it.

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