Update 16/02/17

I just had a meeting with my psychiatrist, nurse practitioner and eating disorder nurse and I think it was positive. I felt supported by them and safe in their care and I felt listened to too. They have a multi disciplinary meeting about me every Friday so most decisions will be made tomorrow.
They wanted to weigh me and initially I refused because I believed I had gained loads of weight but then I allowed them to. They said it had dropped but I believe it maintained. I feel a bit less panicky and suicidal now I know my weight and it isn’t what I thought it was in my head. It just goes to show how much anorexia confuses the mind.
They’ve increased some of my medication but most of the decisions around ensures and leaves etc will be made in an MDT meeting tomorrow.

They also discussed the possibility of moving to a different hospital until I go to cygnet in May but I would rather stay where I am.
I also put requests in to see my dog and go out for my birthday. There’s a guide dog on the ward at the moment and it’s so nice to be able to be around and fuss a dog again.

I’ve really struggled the past few days but after our meeting I’m feeling a lot calmer and more okay about everything.

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