Painting The Psychiatric Ward

The psychiatric ward I am in felt rather clinical with it’s white walls and grey doors. There was no colour, nothing to look at as you paced up and down the same corridor and so the ward manager asked me to paint some art on the walls. It was good because it gave me a focus but also brightened up the place.







4 thoughts on “Painting The Psychiatric Ward

  1. I particularly like the piece with the rabbit and the fairy leaning on the mushroom.

    I also want to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy (if “enjoy” is the appropriate word for the subject matter) reading your blog in general. I suffer from mental illness too and it’s nice to see someone such as yourself having the confidence to be so vocal about their experience. Even if you’re not feeling too good as you read this, I hope you can take some pleasure out of knowing that your words do mean something to some people out there.


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