Shared Rooms In Psychiatric Wards Do Not Work

One of my biggest worries when I am being admitted to hospital for my mental illness is that I will have to share a room. It’s not fair on the other patients and it’s not fair on me because when I am unwell I try to harm myself or take my own life in whichever way seems possible. It isn’t fair that other unwell people have to see that and neither is it fair that they have to witness me being restrained and injected. Shared rooms make patient’s dignity and confidentially difficult to maintain. I was unwell at the time and it didn’t bother me at that moment but looking back now I am upset that someone saw me in that state, that someone saw my buttocks and staff holding me down whilst a nurse administered an injection. I would’ve rather that stayed private.

People are not admitted to psychiatric wards for mild symptoms, everybody on the ward is very unwell and each patient needs their own space. If I need a good cry then I would like to have a wall between me and the other patients. If I need to talk to staff I would prefer it if I didn’t have to whisper and constantly worry that the other people in the room could hear what I was saying.

When myself and others are too unwell to stay at home and have to come into hospital then personal space is needed, calm and quiet is needed, confidentiality is needed. That patient needs to feel safe, supported and comfortable. Shared rooms don’t meet the requirements of the patient.

4 thoughts on “Shared Rooms In Psychiatric Wards Do Not Work

  1. On a much lesser scale, the same might be said about being treated in A&E for self-inflicted injuries…when you’re asked if your intent was to end your life and someone else is in a bed at the other side of a curtain…

    It’s the money thing again.

    Stay strong xxx

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  2. Reblogged this on Dearest Someone, and commented:
    I haven’t been admitted to hospital before, however I couldn’t imagine EVER feeling remotely comfortable about being placed in a shared room. The fact that this is even an occurrence makes my heart sink 😦

    I know room, bed numbers and all that jazz are an issue, but I fully agree that “shared rooms make patient’s dignity and confidentially difficult to maintain.”

    Being admitted must be so incredibly difficult, and to go through that with the constant worry or shadow of having to hide things from other patients must be so so hard. Heck, sometimes I even struggle to sit in an office with others because I’m worried about them watching me work, or criticising me or so forth.

    Shared rooms shouldn’t even be an option unless it’s a room shared with all your teddies, a bucket load of kittens, and things that will make you feel safe.

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