Mental Illness Steals Life

Looking through my Section papers makes me feel so much sadness. I can’t help being poorly and I know I would’ve never chose to be like this but I wish things were different. At 23 years of age I would love to be looking at certificates from higher education, or paperwork for a job or reading through a book I’ve written but instead I’m sat here reading words that doctors have written about me. Words I don’t want to believe and papers I wish were never a part of my life. I wish I could rip them up and the memories could be torn up with them. I wish I didn’t feel unnecessary shame for what’s written but I just feel so wrong for this society, a disappointment and a let down.

Reading these words are so difficult. I want to cross my name out and pretend it isn’t me:

“Claire Greaves is known to the CMHT with a diagnosis of personality disorder NOS and eating disorder. She was attending the DBT group today and expressed suicidal ideation later attempting suicide. She is unable to guarantee her safety and refuses an informal admission to the ward. She has been non-compliant with prescribed medication telling her family it was contaminated. She requires a period of treatment in hospital”

“Claire attended DBT session today but her behaviour was withdrawn and she expressed high anxiety with active attempts to harm herself. It is reported that she has refused to take medication prescribed for her mental disorder and her diet has been poor. She describes having low mood with persecutory and command auditory hallucinations to kill herself.”

I feel like I’ve barely lived since July. Time and life are just flying by whilst I stare at walls and battle to not hurt myself. My life has become a timetable of medication. A life contained within four walls. I miss the outside world, sometimes it feels like a punishment to be so contained for so long. I wanted to be successful and live a life that helped others but right now I need to accept that I am poorly but that’s easier said than done.

I wish mental illness would stop stealing the precious time we have on this earth, I wish it would hand my life back to me.



4 thoughts on “Mental Illness Steals Life

  1. Claire, I am so sorry you have been feeling so poorly. No one should have to go through so much pain. In your darkest moments, please remember that mental illness is cyclic and each day is a new beginning with new chances and new opportunities and this time of crisis will pass. You just need to hang in there until it does. I know it’s so terribly hard but you can do it because you’ve done it before. I and every single one of your followers believe in you. You are strong and you are loved. I want to let you know that your posts have helped me immensely and your blog is doing wonders to help battle stigma. Keep fighting Claire, you WILL win.


  2. My thoughts are with you Claire. You help others every day through your openess and honesty but I understand it’s hard for you to see that right now. Hold tight – I truly believe and hope that one day you’ll look back at this as a difficult time that you conquered. For now it’s about weathering the storm. I’m virtually by your side, holding an umbrella above your head. It gets blown inside out sometimes, but we fix it and battle on. X


  3. My heart goes out to you lovely. I wish mental illness would hand your life back to you too. Please stay strong and keep fighting as hard as you have been doing. You are such an inspiration to be blogging and helping others in the midst of your darkness. Take care! Sending you strength, love and hope xx


  4. I have tried so hard to get away from medication drugs, hospitals, psychiatrists, court, and the individuals who kept putting me there. The journey is long and hard. I wish there was a way to shorten it.


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