I’m Really Not Well

Dear Readers,

I am writing this post to explain that I am really not well at the moment. I have been in and out of hospital since August and I suspect I will be back in hospital tomorrow.

It’s really difficult to keep up with this blog whilst being so unwell but please know there will be the occasional blog post and that I am fighting to get well so that I can campaign and blog when I feel better as they are my reasons to live.

Please be patient whilst I get back on my feet and I will be back soon.

Love to all of you,

Claire x

7 thoughts on “I’m Really Not Well

  1. This feels like such a generous spirited and resilient message. I hope you feel and receive back the same warmth, and respect and generosity you give out, and that this sustains you and holds you through not being well. In appreciation.

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  2. You need to be your number one priority right now. Know that we’re here if you need us and we’ll grab hold of your hand and help you along your way but if you need time away we’ll just hold you quietly in our minds. Thinking if you. I’m sorry it’s so hard xx

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  3. You’re in my thoughts.

    I’m packing for my second hospitalization this year so tally feeling you on this. I’ve been up and down so the professionals feel I need another med change. It’s so difficult leaving the family behind.

    I hate it when people call this a break. It isn’t. I have to work hard to get better.

    Looking forward to your posts when you can post of course.



  4. My heart is heavy for you. I will be praying for you and your recovery. You are strong and courageous, that you for the hope and courage you have given me


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