What Are You Passionate About?

Somebody asked me the other day, “What are you passionate about?” and a few things came to mind. I’m passionate about mental health, raising awareness and I think overall, the biggest passion is turning negatives into positives.

The night I spent in a police cell on a Section 136 was horrific. Nobody should be put in a cell when they are in a mental health crisis but actually some of the best days of my life have happened as a direct result of that day. Because of that night I have been on national news, Radio 5 Live and BBC Breakfast and I hope that some of my speaking out has added towards the changes that have happened in our society lately such as triage nurses attending mental health calls and the Crisis Care Concordat.

Being detained under The Mental Health Act and spending months in hospital was also not a nice experience but I have been able to use that experience to speak out, help others and create a short film.

Having a mental illness isn’t nice. These illnesses can be so cruel but now when something happens I try to see the positive in it because I am sure that everything happens for a reason. When bad things happen I am determined to make sure the memory becomes a positive one and that my pain can maybe lessen other’s pain.

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