I Love My Body Because…

I love my body because it is mine. I am the only person to know what it’s like to be in my skin and to know each and every perfect imperfection and I think it’s pretty special to have something that no one else has got.

I love my body because it is my vessel and I travel around in it like we travel in cars. Sometimes it’s like one of those old bangers that keep breaking down but you still love it anyway because it’s got character and other times it feels like the latest model of luxury car and nobody can bring me down.

I love my body because without I couldn’t ice skate or dance, or be anywhere for that matter. I need my body as much as I need my heart and it should be given the same amount of respect. If my heart felt funny I wouldn’t ignore it so I will not shame my body for anything that it is or is not.

I love my hair because it gave me those memories of sitting on the floor whilst my mum plaited it and those hilarious photographs I look back on from when I decided to dye my hair outrageous colours. I love my hair because it is a part of the genetic mix up that I received as a gift from my parents.

I love my eyes because they allow me to see the beautiful world. Without them I would never have seen a rainbow or a waterfall. I didn’t need mascara on my lashes to see them because my eyes were enough.

I love my nose because without it I wouldn’t be able to smell freshly baked bread and neither would I be able to long for the nose piercing I’ve always been to scared to get.

I love my mouth and my wonky teeth because they enable me to smile, laugh and talk so that I can share my life with others. I love them because they allow me to eat watermelon and share pic n mix with my family at the cinema.

I love my arms and hands because they have given so many hugs and held my closest ones’ hands when they have needed it. My arms and hands are in constant use and they deserve some credit for that. I am using my hands to type this now, without my hands my passion for writing would dissolve.

I love my stomach because it protects my organs and keeps them cosy. My soft skin always feels warm on my stomach and my core gives me balance when I am dancing or skating.

I love my bum because it allows me to sit in my friend’s car and laugh until our stomach muscles ache. I love my bum because it sits on the grass whilst I make daisy chains.

I love my legs regardless of whether my thighs touch or not because they allow me to walk, run, jump and dance. They are my own personal mode of transport.

I love my feet because those five tiny toes grew into pointe shoes and danced and then they grew into walking boots and climbed mountains.

I love my body exactly the way it was made.


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