A Letter to Journalists

Last week there was a feature written about me in a real life magazine, the magazine gave me a read through on the phone and then unfortunately added things into the article that I was extremely unhappy with. They wrote as a sub-headline that a brush with the law made me turn my life around, this was in regards to the night I spent in a cell under Section 136 of The Mental Health Act. The police were there in a caring capacity, I did not have a brush with the law and that night was traumatic, it did not turn my life around! As well as this they included numbers around my eating disorder which many people know I am strongly against and would never agree to and then they quoted me in a text box saying, “I wanted to commit suicide” which is the wrong wording because suicide is not a crime, people do not ‘commit’ suicide!

The magazine used my story to twist and turn it into something juicy but in the process they stigmatised and criminalised mental illness and so I wrote an open letter to jounalists on The Huffington Post which can be found here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/claire-greaves-/mental-health-journalism_b_7232304.html

I really hope that journalists take note, they have an excellent platform to speak out and make real change happen. They need to use their position, not abuse it.


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