How Are You? Honestly! The Campaign

Today I launched my ‘How Are You? Honestly!’ campaign on Facebook ( ) and Twitter (@HowAreUHonestly )

This is something I feel really passionately about because both the question and the answer to ‘how are you?’ have lost their meaning and that really breaks my heart. How much happier and healthier would we be if we felt able to give a true and honest answer to this question? If we felt the other person really had the time to listen to our answer?

I know I’m guilty of not meaning the question when I ask it sometimes but I’m sure that is true for most of us, it’s becoming a greeting or a way of being polite when it should really mean HOW ARE YOU?

The answers have become a mixture of short sentences such as, “Not bad thanks” or “I’m fine thanks” or “Okay” but what meaning or truth does that hold? It doesn’t hold anything. I know I hide the bad stuff from people with my “I’m good thanks” but I hide the good stuff too, I always feel like it’d be bragging to say “Actually today I feel flipping awesome and I’m so excited because x, y, z happened and life feels so good.”

We are social beings and yet we all live in our own little private bubbles in this fast-paced society, glued to our smartphones and our online avatars. Let’s get real, sociable and improve our mental health by talking and sharing. Let’s turn the greeting “How are you?” back into a question which enables someone to answer honestly.

I am beginning this campaign with a blog post on here using anonymous submissions to the question, “How are you?” if you would like to submit then click here: It will be published during Mental Health Awareness Week.

I am also hoping to create a website and expand the campaign further.

Please get involved, whether you have a mental health problem or not I want to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “How Are You? Honestly! The Campaign

  1. Reblogged this on Casey Bottono and commented:
    When I read Claire Greaves’ post (she tweets as @mentalbattle) I was completely overwhelmed by two things.

    1. The openness with which Claire states her position.
    2. How come nobody’s ever thought of this before?

    I look forward to sharing my response to the question in a future post, but for now, I’d encourage you to get involved.


  2. This is a great idea, as I hate dissembling when I’m asked that question, but professional/polite interaction so often make it hard to do. I”m looking forward to contributing to the collection of honest answers. If you need a hand with anything, consider me volunteered. 🙂


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