A Poem: Beneath The Veil

I was sent a very honest and raw poem by Dagmara Podsiadlo and I wanted to share it with my readers. Dagmara can be found on twitter @mymhjournal

Beneath the veil

Depression flounders upon me,

Even in happy places.

I’m tired; tired after doing nothing,

Even after pills and caffeine.

I like the quiet here.

Not the overwhelming amount of faces,

Not the sound of joyful cheer,

That just develops in me, fear.

Peace is what I want to hear,

I hope this chaos finally ceases.

I’m tired of the mess all near,

I want some harmony to finally adhere.

I don’t care if for some I’m queer,

Me, this abnormality utterly seizes.

Breathing is already drear,

I don’t want to shed another tear.

I’m tired of all the constant leers.

Even the alternate nudges,

Viciously tense the atmosphere,

And I just want to disappear.

Ineluctable death to all that I find dear.

No wonder I’m inertly hopeless.

Inequity is here very clear,

Obvious from the fates incessant fleers.

No more nonsense in my ear!

It’s me that the exhaustion daily abuses.

All broken parts I wish to seal,

Leave me all that is austere!

Are my tries ineptly mere?

Why is it me that evil chases?

Is God’s heart made out of steel?

He must just simply domineer.

My life I wanted him to steer,

Still his scheme I trust as life’s bases,

Embracing the pain as weakness pure and sheer,

Which develops in me strength and makes me pioneer.


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