The Feel Happy Fix Live

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to go to London with UK charity Fixers to talk about young people’s mental health. The event was held at BFI, London in the morning and we watched some of the educational and inspring films that Fixers have produced on mental health which can be found here:

We then separated into groups to focus on six key sections which were: Health Care, The Media, School, Home, Work and Play. Young people discussed the issues in these sections and came up with solutions as to how young people could be happier in these places, for example if schools were to offer mental health education it would be of huge benefit to young people and enable them to feel happier and support one another.

In the afternoon we went to the ITV studios for a Question Time-style debate. Anna Williamson was our presenter and I was lucky enough to be one of the six panelists. All of the panelists had personal experience of mental health problems and drew from their experiences in order to answer questions, highlight issues and offer solutions and advice.

The ‘Feel Happy Fix Live’ debate was streamed on Youtube last night at 8pm. You can watch the debate here:

The panelists are Danny Bowman, Shannon Finan, Carney Bonner, Laura Quinn and Jordan Caldwell alongside me, Claire Greaves. To find out more about The Feel Happy Fix Live, please visit

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