Ignite Cardiff: Pro-ana? Pro life!

On Wednesday 18th March 2015 I did a talk at Ignite, Cardiff about anorexia and here it is:

4 thoughts on “Ignite Cardiff: Pro-ana? Pro life!

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    This from the awe-inspiring Claire Greaves. She’s still fighting Anorexia and, my God, I know how ill she must feel at times. But she is raising awareness, shouting from the rooftops like there’s no tomorrow…I needed a tissue for this one.

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  2. This is absolutely amazing Claire. Really gave me an idea of what its like to have anorexia and its seeing people I know do things like this that inspires me to get well, not the alternative, because if they can maybe I can too. Amazing- you wonderful person xx

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    An eye-watering account of life with anorexia shared by a friend of mine. It’s people like this that inspire me, even when struggling, to improve and live, despite urges and temptations because if they are making a difference maybe in the future I would be able to too…maybe. x

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