climbED: Fixing Eating Disorders

I am a fixer. Fixers are a UK charity enabling young people to use their past to fix the future. I am working on a project about my experience of being sectioned for my eating disorder but unfortunately I cannot share it with you yet as it isn’t finished. However, I have found some fabulous fixers who have worked on eating disorder related projects.

Sam Thomas began his ‘Men Get Eating Disorders Too’ project with Fixers in 2009, he lead workshops using his experience of eating disorders to help others and his project has now become a full-time charity! To find out more about Sam’s project visit:

Kat Pugh wants fewer people to reach crisis point before they are given help for their eating disorder after she struggled to get the support she needed:

A group of fixers from Newcastle created a presentation to educate young people about eating disorders:

Diabulimia is an eating disorder that many have no heard of, Lucy Travers battled with diabulimia and her story was broadcast on ITV News Anglia:

Ria Box created a website to share her story of binge eating disorder in order to raise awareness of the misunderstood illness. Her website can be found here:

To find out more about fixers please visit:

To find out more about our mountain climb and to donate please visit:

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