Crisis Plans Should Be The Most Important Part

Following my recent detention under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act, I received my care plan in the post this week. I am receiving aftercare from my mental health team and I am in treatment and I am grateful for that because I know from past experience how fortunate I am to have help. However, I feel the purpose of a care plan on paper should be that people can refer to them. For example, if things were deteriorating or if I was in a crisis situation then my family or myself could look at the care plan and know exactly who to contact and exactly what the plan of action is. The thing is, the most important box on my care plan is blank:


The crisis plan has no plan. There are no names, no contact numbers and it has never been discussed. If I were to be in a crisis tomorrow then I would have no idea who to call and it would end up going around in circles as always because in a crisis situation I always feel as though nobody is really sure whose responsibility it is to intervene. It usually ends up with the police involved.

I know the day to day bits that they have included on my care plan, I know who my psychiatrist is and who I see for appointments. I didn’t need that written down for me but the crisis plan. The life saving plan that everyone needs to be able to access isn’t included. I don’t even think it’s been thought about. Surely it is the most important part of the plan?! How useful would care plans be if everyone involved had a copy and in a crisis everyone knew exactly what to do from family to professionals? I feel like this is a box that isn’t optional to fill out, it should be a MUST and it should be thorough and up to date.

What is the point in a care plan that misses out the vital parts of care?

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