My Petition

I’ve created a petition because I feel very passionately about young people’s mental health services and the specialist, life saving care not ending at the age of 18. Evidence suggests that the mind does not develop fully until the age of 25 and young people’s life styles are very different to adults of perhaps an older age. This is why I feel that specialist wards for 18-30 year olds are needed.

Please sign and share my petition. Let’s make change happen and make sure that everyone is treated in an appropriate and helpful way.

5 thoughts on “My Petition

  1. Liked and signed. Caring for someone who is 20 is completely different to caring for someone who is 40 or 50, giving them the help they need is obviously needed, especially considering so many people will suffer from a mental illness. I will share this with people and might do a post on my blog (I’ll link to yours) tomorrow or tonight.

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  2. Hello Claire.
    Did you ever feel that if mental health wards were open for all age groups (even down to age 6 or 7) and the staff were very trained and caring, we could start really addressing the mental health issue in the U.K.?

    In America they have what are called PACs which can send money to a candidate that is on the same side of the issue that the member of the PACs are. I think it’s high time the same be done in the U.K., don’t you?


    1. Hiya,

      Yes, I definitely agree with you. Specialists, high quality care and age appropriateness are key. I think in the UK though the age group that are missed and that MH services don’t know what to do with are the 18-30 year olds which is why I want to begin with this age group.

      Best wishes and a Merry Christmas,



  3. Oh I totally reblogged this on the wrong site and don’t know how to get it on my mental health blog… Damn. Will have to copy the URL, but know that I’m sharing!

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