How To Manage ‘Fat Feelings’

I think it is important to have strategies to manage anxiety around weight and food and ‘fat feelings’. These are the strategies that I find helpful:

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Read
  3. Try to think about what else is going on for you. What else could these ‘fat feelings’ be?
  4. Write
  5. Social networking/blogging
  6. Have a hot, bubbly bath
  7. Paint nails
  8. Do a puzzle
  9. Watch TV
  10. Tell someone how you’re feeling
  11. Look at truths e.g. weight/BMI
  12. Remember that anorexia twists everything
  13. Make an amazon wishlist
  14. Do something arty
  15. Think “What would my therapist/dietician say?”
  16. Tidy/clean/organise
  17. Listen to relaxation music
  18. Try to believe what others tell you
  19. Think of positive things about yourself-weight, shape and body image don’t define everything.
  20. Play a game (video game or board game)

4 thoughts on “How To Manage ‘Fat Feelings’

  1. Wow, are you psychic? I did a post today about coping with self-harming, and now you did something similar. So many great ideas! I’m going to bookmark this so I can link it in one of my next posts.


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