Fat Feelings: They Don’t Exist

I struggle with ‘fat feelings’ on a daily basis. I rarely say that I feel sad or anxious and so on but I often say, “I feel fat”. Factually I cannot be fat, my BMI does not say that I am fat, the number on the scales does not say that I am fat, my mental health team want me to gain weight, so I cannot actually be fat. This is why I find it helpful to think of what else fat feelings could be and this is my list:

  1. Guilt from eating
  2. Tiredness
  3. Bloating from drinking lots of fluids
  4. Low mood
  5. Stress
  6. Worries
  7. Self-hatred
  8. Not feeling good enough
  9. Feeling undeserving
  10. Feeling like a failure
  11. Low self-esteem
  12. Being warm or hot
  13. Being full
  14. Constipation
  15. Stomach pain
  16. Overly body checking

If you struggle with ‘fat feelings’ too, I hope that this list helps you, or maybe you could make your own list to look at when you are struggling. Remember that fat is not a feeling.


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